“The Essential Olive products have made a huge difference in the condition of my skin. I've dealt with dry patches on my skin all my adult life and since using The Essential Olive's products they've all gone away. I highly recommend all her products and especially the soaps. I now use nothing but Essential Olive products!”

Sheri Silk, California

“I fell in love with Essential Olive soap and sea salt scrub after receiving both as a gift. The soap leaves my skin soft and moisturized, it smells incredible and I love the pure, simple ingredients. The same is true for the sea salt scrub. Just three ingredients that leave my skin smooth soft and smelling amazing! I was also impressed with how long my 4 oz bar lasted - almost a month being used every day!”

Missy Niswander, Tennessee

"I am a very happy customer. I love everything but I am in love with the body butter! I have been using it on my face. I have dry skin and have never found a moisturizer that I really like and is moist enough for my skin. I only ordered two, so I am sure I will have to reorder as soon as I run out. And I love the lip balm also! You did really good in making these, please don't stop with these wonderful products."

Nadeen, North Carolina


My wife and I love these lip balm!  Especially Vanilla!  We tried so many different kinds but all those are in the trash now!  Whatever you do, buy a couple extras.  If your friends try these, they will want to keep yours!    

Tom, California

"  I love your Soaps and of course the Body Butters.  I had a very dry, itchy spot on my leg for about 2 years and now it is gone from just using your body butter.  I am very thankful for your products.   Thank you."  

Ruth, Oregon

My husband LOVES your soap! :) He's super picky and was reluctant to try them, but he loves them now and only wants me buy from you. So great!

Julie - California

"Since I have purchased and used the soap products my skin has been softer and more moist. I highly recommend The Essential Olive products if you are looking for a wholesome, healthy and non-toxic alternative to all the other soap products out there. The quality of the soap is top of the line and I cannot wait to try every single one!"     Ryan, California


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lip balm!  I have purchased many different all natural lip balms and yours by far is my favorite!  I have also shopped all natural sites and exclusive spas and paid way more for lip balm, but yours is the best!  I love that it is all natural and I can put it on my young children with complete peace!"     Wendy, California



"I purchased some of your soap at the Bethel Women's Conference this year and gave it to my grandmother for her birthday. She loves it, so I'm giving her more for Christmas! Bless you."     Erin, Oregon


"The Lip Balm is smooth to apply and moisturized my lips well.  It is also a great base for my lipstick.  When I started using the soap, I saw a dramatic reduction in the amount of acne on my face.  Now breakouts are rare!  The smell of the Rosemary & Tea Tree soap is divine!"      Stephanie, California


Thank you for the speedy service!  I received the soaps and other items and have noticed a difference in my skin already.  I haven't had to use body lotion after showering because the soap is plenty!!     Angela, California