Migraine Roll On

Migraine  RO.jpg
Migraine  RO.jpg

Migraine Roll On


Migraine Synergy Blend is created to help relieve the symptoms of migraine headaches.

Migraine Roll On Ingredients:
Basil, ct. linalol: Aches, muscle spasms, nervous tension, poor circulation.
Cardamom: Aches, muscle spasms, poor circulation, tension.
Chamomile, Roman: Aches, inflammation, muscle spasms, tension, stress, worry, anxiety, anger, fear.
Grapefruit, Red: Poor circulation, mild depression, nervous exhaustion.
Juniperberry: Poor circulation, mild depression, anxiety.
Lemongrass: Aches, poor circulation, vascular tension, mild depression, stress, anxiety, nervous exhaustion.
Marjoram, Sweet: Aches, muscle spasms, vascular tension, nerve pain, stress, mild depression, irritability, trauma.
Peppermint: Aches, muscle spasms, nerve pain, stress, anger, mild depression, shock.
Wintergreen: Aches, muscle spasms, inflammation.

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